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Bonarda Dolce Frizzante D.O.C. Colli Piacentini

Wine made from the vinification of grapes Bonarda bred in the vineyards called Magnana and Partridge .

Sweet and soft, it is intense, slightly tannic and fruity.

Additional information

The pressed grapes are macerated with frequent pumping over for a few days at low temperature, in order to slow down the fermentation and extract the coloring components. When about 5 degrees of alcohol are reached, fermentation is stopped by refrigeration. The sparkling is obtained in an autoclave thanks to the second natural fermentation. The sparkling wine is stabilized, filtered and bottled with isobaric machines that allow to preserve the sparkling obtained.

Alcoholic Strength

9% vol.


Excellent with dry pastries and fruit pies. To try with strawberries in fruit salad or tart.

Service Temperature

16 – 18° C

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