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Gutturnio Frizzante


Gutturnio Frizzante D.O.C.

Obtained from the union of Barbera and Bonarda grapes.

It has a characteristic intense ruby ​​red color and a fruity aroma.

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16 – 18 ° C; in summer it can be served fresh (12 – 13 ° C).

Additional information

It obtains its sparkling in an autoclave during the second natural fermentation of the cuvée, composed of the dry base and a percentage of must of the same grapes.

Alcoholic Strength

12% vol.


Accompanies easily the typical dishes of Piacenza, such as pisarei and fasò, agnolotti with sauce, fried, roasts, aged cheeses. If served fresh, it is very pleasant with light cuisine, young cheeses, cold dishes.

Service Temperature

16 ° -18 ° C
In summer it can be served fresh 12 ° -13 ° C

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