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Malvasia Passito

Malvasia of Aromatic Candia from the Casotta vineyard, Guyot-trained.
The grapes are harvested by hand in boxes that are stored in a ventilated environment to gradually reach drying.

With a beautiful bright golden yellow color, it has a very intense aroma of dried apricots and peaches, honey and elder flowers.
Very full and balanced taste, sweet and persistent.

Additional information

In December the grapes are pressed and the must is transferred into small wooden barrels: it is a very thick and honey-like liquid.
During the winter and the spring there is a slow and partial alcoholic fermentation.
In summer, when the right balance is reached between all the components, the passito is bottled.

Alcoholic Strength

13,5% vol.


Seasoned and spicy cheeses, dry pastries.

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