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Sauvignon Frizzante


Sauvignon Frizzante D.O.C. Colli Piacentini

Originale interpretazione di un vitigno internazionale, questo Sauvignon frizzante è ottenuto da uve Sauvignon Blanc vendemmiate a mano e vinificate in purezza.

Intenso e fruttato con sentori di frutta esotica.

Additional information

Whole grapes are subjected to soft pressing immediately after harvesting. A portion of the must obtained is stored at temperatures below zero degrees, for the subsequent composition of the cuvée. The sparkling is obtained in an autoclave, thanks to a second natural fermentation of the cuvée, consisting of the dry base and a percentage of must of the same grapes.

Alcoholic Strength

12% vol.


Excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with fish dishes flavored with herbs or aromatic sauces, lightly spiced white meats.

Service Temperature